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New York Event Planners Picks Top 5 Summer Party Favors

Everyone wants their party to be remembered, there is no question about it. Hence the reason behind the classic party favors. However, these days they are often becoming something of an afterthought. Favors are becoming more of a hassle (for...
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How To Plan a New York City Birthday Party

Need help planning a birthday party in New York City?  Lucky for you, La Bella Planners has got you covered.  We have scoured the world’s greatest city and found the most talked about nightclubs, the most relaxing spas and the...
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Let All American Citizens Marry

…and the NYS Legislature said, “Let all American citizens marry” and finally it was fair… very now and then people do what is right. Finally the New York State Legislature did the right thing and approved same sex marriage. I...
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