Surprise Honeymoons

Are you and your fiancé going back and forth about where you two should travel for your honeymoon? Are you completely overwhelmed with the planning process of your trip? If so, maybe you should consider the newest trend: surprise honeymoons. Couples are now putting their romantic getaways in the hands of professionals. All you have to do is provide some travel information including travel dates and budget and then show up to the airport… it’s that easy! Here are three different companies that specialize in planning every detail of your entire stress-free surprise getaway.

Pack Up + Go
If you and your fiancé are thinking of a 3-day weekend adventure for your honeymoon, Pack Up + Go can plan the perfect surprise getaway for you. All you need to do is answer a few questions about budget, travel dates and traveler information. Pack Up + Go will then book your trip and send you an email one week before your departure. This contains information about what to pack, the weather at your mystery location and where/when to go for your departure!


Magical Mystery Tours
The team at Magical Mystery Tours will take care of your every planning need for your getaway. By completing a travel survey and providing your budget and travel dates, the team of travel consultants plan your care-free surprise honeymoon. Once you have arrived at the airport, you and your fiancé will find out where you’re headed to along with all the details of your trip.


Blind Experiences
Blind Experiences dedicates time to getting to know you and your fiancé in order to plan your dream honeymoon. They create a getaway that matches all your interests and expectations. They then provide ten separate envelopes that you and your fiancé will be instructed to open at different times. Sit back, relax, and let the traveling begin.


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